Haiku 2 Meet You: 1st Poetry Cheese

I confess loudly: Chili Cheese Fries are my favorite food in the entire culinary world. And Red Hot Lover’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan still makes the best version. I know they’re bad bad bad for me but I can’t help it 😉

These haikus here were inspired by a trip back to Ann Arbor.



nightmare bunny bites
sewing machine needle blood
Easter’s silent howl



step into Ivan
Red squares-ville rocker pants tour
film bang chords and stars



orange chili cheese fries
a red hot lover’s delight
rings/tofu dog smiles




P.Smith royalty
steals mirror ball seventies
throw away the key



Tony Duquette globe

high gilt-framed art spinning fate

Angus eats lettuce


library haunting
propaganda poster hunt
ghost walk Ann Arbor


Hawaii beach dreams
my boy Elroy birthday Quisp
flowers exotic




To read the second foray into poetry and haiku, please click Haiku To Meet You: Round 2.


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10 Responses to “Haiku 2 Meet You: 1st Poetry Cheese”

  • Christa

    Love these. And that photo!

  • justinbog

    Thanks Christa.  I think I wrote all of them very quickly too 😉

  • justinbog

    time for more chilli cheese fries – 😉

  • Ben

    My favorite is:

    “library haunting
    propaganda poster hunt
    ghost walk Ann Arbor”

    But loved them all! 🙂

    • justin

      That one haiku brings me right back to the night a group of us walked across campus, past the libraries I used to haunt, looking in the city library for any information on propaganda photos from old communist countries for one of the gang . . . to use for research. Fun and different . . . Of course, the evening began with chili cheese fries at Red Hot Lover’s and a tofu dog for my pal, Cindy.

  • Fantastic, my favorite

    library haunting
    propaganda poster hunt
    ghost walk Ann Arbor


    • justin

      I love the poetry simplicity reach of haiku structure, eden. Being clear and ambiguous at the same time. What is meaning? What is meant? It’s different for every reader. Thank you for taking the time to stop by. xo

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