Haiku To Meet You—Round 3

A third round of Haiku To Meet You comes together, and it’s perfect to share with the world here at the end of 2014. Cheers to the new year, all the planning and resolutions. Mine are major, filled with beginning doubts and anxieties. I want to overcome this feeling of risk, attainment, and happiness at the thought of succeeding. As wishes and resolutions go, I’ve failed more times than not. Wish luck and the breaking of wishbones . . . may this fickle coincidence linked to fate tilt your way. Enjoy the poetry. Not all are haikus, but enough to get the feeling of the words and the images and emotions within each poem. The paintings accompanying this post were finished by my father, George Bogdanovitch, right before his passing in 2012.

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1) Serenity

Watch Serenity
fill brain pan to the blast of a


2) Poetry Slam

haiku extortion
from one most charismatic
where do I purchase?


3) Midnight In Paris

True, but a better
more inquisitive, less surf
guy, Owen Wilson.


4) Hungry King

Ben Ditmars slays me
with haiku swordsmanship slice
off with all gnome hats


5) Once More . . . Into the Gnome

What happy hell is
this–smiling skittle gnome hides
sugary malice


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6) Bog Response Poem

The children awoke unrested

ripped dreams forgotten

scabbing over

if they ever remember

they’ll shriek

at her glittering monstrous form



7) Super

Feverish thought, run,

smash, fly . . . cape battering wind–

all day heroine.


8) Haiku Man

You could be Haiku 
Man — wielder of slashing lines 
and pure tonal smash.


9) B. Ditty

Find Caledoni-
a, Ohio; gnomes run free
under rule Ditty.


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10) Purr

You do get a scratch
from the occasional Cat-
woman…that’s purrrrfect.


11) The Hunt

Cats mark time, claws sheathed,
awaiting glint of bird mouse
snake, when they attack.


12) Meow Like an Egyptian

Egyptians worshipped
Cats . . . tombs filled with nine lives and
Mummified hairballs.


13) Maine Coon Howl

Existential cat
Crisis: oafish humans, dogs
Drooling, bumper cars.


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 1.41.11 PM

14) Poet Down

Yes, poetry works
Mesmerizing writing muse
To the bitter end.


15) Desperation

I only have one
haiku to create before
Bog Blog can publish.


16) Muse Down

not really . . . they strike
jagged lightning bottle-less
poetry muses


17) Haiku Arrest

Even some haikus
high on the syllable rush
Seldom count their toes


18) Another Demonic Birthday

Birthday demonic
Forked tail, fangs glistening,
flames bow down to me.


Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 1.49.07 PM

19) Family Dogs

I love German Shep-
herds. That’s a given. Pointy
ears tails teeth and smiles.


20) Bacon

Not all shepherds speak
German . . . all German shepherds
bark: Giveth me bacon.


21) Extortion

Zippy and Kipling —
king and princess — extract vows
continuing chow.


22) Lacking Enzymes

Nope, no cheese for dogs;
dairy upsets their systems.
They’ll chow it down though.


23) Micro Bog

O wonderful sight
through vile geared-up smelloscope:
A Bog under glass.


24) I Want Cat

silken intoxicating
Feline viciousness


25) Dawn

Life slatted waking
dead numb comatose unfor-
giving espresso.


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