Happy 8th Birthday Zippy: Cats Too!

Hello A Writer’s Life readers,


Just a short interlude to let everyone see Zippy in all his glory . . . shadowed by years and the sun. Zippy is a magnificent pooch, a long-coat German shepherd from the von Bullinger breeders up in Canada. In human years, he’s supposedly around 60 years old, a ripe age. Cheers to many more memorable moments, mate! As you can see, Kipling is nowhere to be found. Especially on Zippy’s big day.

Image 1

Zippy’s face is expressive joy, most of the time. If you click on the photo, it will expand and more detail can be seen. The shadows do hide Zippy’s grin. He was very happy that day chasing squirrels. Eartha Kitt’n and Ajax The Gray also had their 4th Birthday a few days after Zippy’s shindig, and they insisted on equal treatment here on A Writer’s Life blog. They say they inspire much. Here’s the lounging duo.


And one more of Eartha Kitt’n and Zippy sleeping off a long walkie day . . .


Coming next: Horror Story Part 7 of The Play (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)




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4 Responses to “Happy 8th Birthday Zippy: Cats Too!”

  • Hi Justin, I cannot believe that Zippy is eight. Where do all the years go? He still looks amazing and I wish both you and him many more happy years together. x

    • justin

      I can’t believe it either. Remember adding Kipling to the pack and seeing Zippy as a vibrant five-year-old mutt. He’s now a wizened, yet cranky, old man telling the young pups to stop digging in his yard. I love all of your new book news. Can’t wait to read The Truth Will Out. Another novella is in the works on my end. Something that is almost ready.

  • eden baylee

    So sweet, always love pix of your family Justin xox

    • justin

      They are keeping busy this spring . . . lots of rabbits and birds to save from cat clutches . . . zippy and kipling only want the squirrels 😉

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