boardwalk 005size: 6'-8"x10'

Coming Attraction: My 1st Book Trailer — Sandcastle and Other Stories

The official book trailer for Sandcastle and Other Stories is ready to unveil. My father painted this New Jersey beach scene as part of his Boardwalk series, actually set in the 1930s. In many...

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eartha ajax 2

Happy 2nd Birthday: Eartha Kitt’n & Ajax The Gray

All of the pets around Islewood Farm have a purpose. I remember driving to another farmhouse about an hour north to pick out two barn cats after Figaro, the calico, went on walkabout...

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love crime

Watch: Love Crime — A DVD Recommendation

Ever since I watched Love Crime back in 2011 I have championed this film. There is so much to like about this movie of corporate ambition that travels to dark places. For starters,...

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jane isaac

My 2nd Guest Post: San Juan Islands — 4 @JaneIsaacAuthor

  Jane Isaac invited me to write a Guest Post about my home in The San Juan Islands for her terrific blog and I accepted her invitation on the spot. Jane Isaac is...

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Kipling 1:2 Birthday

Happy Half Birthday Kipling: Puppy 6 Months Old

Kipling is happy about many things this month of April but being six months old makes her the happiest.  Happy 1/2 birthday, Kipling — may all your wishes be fulfilled. Zippy gave Kipling...

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Vinyl Rock

Favorite Albums That Help Eden Baylee Create: Guest Post by @edenbaylee

I welcome my friend, and author, Eden Baylee to A Writer’s Life blog. On her own blog Eden shares her love of music and writing every week. Here, Eden reveals how music inspires...

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Lyda Blue Heron

Lucky 7 Lines: From Two Justin Bog Books

There is something talismanic about the number 7. Do you believe this is a lucky number? Do you believe in numerology? I have a repetitive love of the number 8 . . ....

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Spring 2012 Kipling Report: 1st Goose Patrol

The Brand New Spanking Kipling & Zippy Report: 1st Spring Goose Patrol Kipling turned six months this month of March and she’s almost half Zippy’s size and all sweet charm with a feisty...

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Mrs. Caliban

The Best Books of Rachel Ingalls — Top Ten Favorite Author

    When I read a story or a novel and I enter its created world completely — with no outer distractions, and this mobile life we’re all living in tends to distract...

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Animal Kingdom

After Oscars: 3 Crime Films — A Recommendation

Zippy is sittin’ on the dock of the bay . . . patrolling for Canadian Geese who fly into the pond every spring. And Spring has come early as the first squadron of...

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