My 1st Guest Post: Why The Boys Run — 4 @RachelintheOC

In Rachel Thompson’s own words: I’m a chick who writes stuff that makes you laugh. My book A Walk In The Snark hit #1 on the Kindle Motherhood list this past September (do...

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Zippy Snow Run

The New Kipling & Zippy Report With Video — Happy Valentine’s Day

Islewood Farm is magical in the winter, and the pond is home to many different types of ducks all year round. Zippy and his pupil, Kipling, patrol the grounds but remain gentle and...

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Screen shot 2012-02-02 at 11.50.12 AM

Listen: Undun by The Roots — A Music Recommendation

I heard The Roots for the first time in the nineties, after they had a few albums out, and I love to travel back to that time by replaying their strong messages of...

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Extra Kate Bush Videos From 50 Words For Snow

This Post is bonus content that links to my review/recommendation of Kate Bush’s concept album — two new additional videos — 50 Words For Snow. Please enjoy them. Both are animated short segments from...

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zippy kipling

The Kipling & Zippy Report: Puppy Now 31 pounds!

Kipling turned the ripe old puppy age of 4 months. She’s now 31 pounds and gets her last shots this afternoon. She’s at that awkward stage . . . Kipling is very long...

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6 Classic Modern Horror Novels — A Recommendation

Classic modern horror films and novels fill a need for people who want to experience fearful places, confront scary people (monsters), watch horrific things happen from the safety of their armchairs, theater seats...

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The Best Movies Of 2011 — A Recommendation

Here’s my critical expression: Truly great films are a rarity. This past year had several wonderful movies to choose from, and despite the fact that movie attendance is way down over last year,...

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Tag! You’re It, Justin!

Zippy and Kipling made 2011 a year to remember. I used to play Freeze Tag with the neighborhood kids and all four of my siblings. Tag someone. Run fast. They have to freeze;...

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Russell Blake Talks with John Lescroart at In Classic Style

  Today is the release of John Lescroart’s new novel The Hunter. Russell Blake shares his comprehensive and fun talk with Lescroart, one of the most revered suspense writers in the business. They...

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Stories for Nighttime and Some for the Day by Ben Loory — with obligatory Kipling & Zippy photo!

The young man has never been afraid of hats before. In fact, he’s recently found himself admiring them. The hats on the heads of the men in this town have actually seemed to...

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