The New Kipling Report: Puppy’s 1st Christmas

In the run-up to the annual chimney crawl, Kipling is in hyperactive Christmas mode. Zippy strives to keep the Santa belief going and distracts Kipling by teaching shepherding tricks! When shepherds come to...

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Vaclav Havel 1936-2011 — In Memoriam

A truly inspiring writer, humanitarian, and master politician died today. Vaclav Havel, a former dissident playwright, was the revered first president of Czechoslovakia (which later became the Czech Republic) after it overthrew Communist...

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Listen to New Music: Settle Down EP — Kimbra

Kipling really is in a soul-and-groove moment: sacked out! I want Kipling to settle down – so I play the song Settle Down. Does Kipling like Kimbra? I want to settle down I want to...

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The New Kipling Report: Puppy Doubles In Size!

Fall for the cuteness… Kipling is the princess of our house now. Her ears used to be bent like this. She’s growing so quickly. See the color coming into her face now as...

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In Malice, Quite Close by Brandi Lynn Ryder — A Recommendation

  The chill of finishing a great mystery is in my bones. And it’s a very good thing Kipling can’t get to them with her tiny puppy-teeth!   Kiplings’s first snow experience…traversing the...

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Kipling puppy 1

Kipling’s First Thanksgiving

In this short video, Kipling is chowing down and oblivious to everything else 🙂 (turn Sound up!) After the Thanksgiving meal Kipling opined: I can’t believe I ate that much. No animals were...

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Listen: 50 Words For Snow — Kate Bush

  Do you really need another photo of Kipling? She’s now 10 weeks old and Zippy is her personal bodyguard. Another Kipling 1st Thanksgiving Report this weekend 🙂   Zippy is a calming...

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The Best American Short Stories 2011 – A Recommendation

Okay, I’ll stop with these two happy Kipling photos and carry on with my recommendation 😉 I searched for the anthology The Best American Short Stories 2011, a series that comes out each Fall...

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kipling new puppy 1

The Kipling Report

It’s raining cats and dogs outside my office window. Kipling is at my feet, and already a great snoozer. I wanted to send out the weekend Kipling Report before I continue working on...

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An Angel With Fur by Russell Blake – A Recommendation

Lobo regarded me, and I him. I gathered him into my arms and clutched him to my chest, instinctively cradling him. It was then that I experienced the only episode of love at...

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