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Kipling Is Officially Part of the Family

Kipling crawled right next to Zippy! Thank you for helping me decide on the perfect name, Kelly (and all others who made suggestions starting with the letter K (that was the litter –...

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My Favorite Top Ten Albums That Help Me Create

Formulating ideas from my inner castle keep. This is a castle in Werfen, Austria that was used in the old Clint Eastwood film, Where Eagles Dare. There was a Birds of Prey show...

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New Puppy Photos!

I can’t help it: I’m posting puppy photos. Probably, bucketloads of puppy photos will filter into your world far into the future. Puppies don’t have anything to do with my next favorite albums...

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Zippy Is Up On Lobo’s Pet Wall

  Russell Blake started his online Pet Wall to honor his own wondrous dog, Lobo. The book, An Angel With Fur, came pouring out as the story of how Lobo adopted Russell, which began one fine...

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The Bad Seed – A Classic Film Recommendation

Hortense Daigle: Children can be nasty, don’t you think? I caught a showing of the classic suspense film The Bad Seed this past Halloween week on TCM the other night. There were no commercial ads...

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Zippy sends his regards!

  Zippy on the back deck of the house waiting for me to stop reading so he can start eating dinner.  

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Discover Five Authors

Here is a new list of five authors to discover, and two to grow on! The evening mist is back over the pond. The air is colder. Fall into Winter waterborne storms are...

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Listen: Blondie – Panic of Girls

Mother may I stay all night Lift your curfew like the light – from the latest Blondie single Mother.   Inside the new Blondie album artwork (I can’t stop calling CDs/Downloads albums!) for...

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Read: The Cage by Audrey Schulman

Beryl holds an ice cube in her hand as she sits in her closet. This is the first line of Audrey Schulman’s 1994 novel The Cage. Her main character is trying to imagine...

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Watch: Television Entertainment — The Fall Season 2011

In pop culture this is a busy week that began with The Emmys. Zippy and I weren’t paying attention to the smile and cry set this year (caught up with the winners and...

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