The Wickaninnish Inn — A Travel Recommendation

The early July vacation really soothed the soul. On Chesterman Beach . . . The Spot for surfing in Tofino . . . A place I’d love to return to . . ....

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Theodore Roszak — In Memoriam

  So, one of the most influential writers of the 1960s passed away early this month at the age of 77, and I remember Theodore Roszak for more than his most famous book....

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Jo Nesbø’s The Redbreast — A Recommendation

Zippy is out with the robin redbreasts as the cherry and pear trees bloom – I swear he’s looking at one right now 😉 Jo Nesbø’s The Redbreast So much reading and so...

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Happy 4th Of July 2011

Happy 4th of July weekend . . . watch the fireworks and marvel . . . I’m off to the Wickaninnish Inn in Tofino, BC for the week and will try to take...

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Too Little Time — Book Recommendations

Too little time to read all the great books I want to read… Zippy and Eartha Kitt’n woke up in the morning in time to say: CHEESE  ‘ – ) Here is a...

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The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton — A Recommendation

It’s time for another great summer read, but first here’s Zippy crossing his own bridge to Treasure Island. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton In the past two weeks I read six of John...

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On Memorial Day 2011

Remember . . . Make the most of this day . . .   Please subscribe to a writer’s life & Follow me on Twitter @JustinBog.

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Advice columns always interest me. I like finding out if the advice truly answers the question and usually it does, but I also wonder what happens afterward: did the writer seeking advice follow...

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zippy ball bridge

Beltane — Original Screenplay Reading

I hope the first of May ushered in new thoughts and plans. Beltane is an ancient Celtic festival celebrated on May Day . . . which reminded me of another bonfire from my past,...

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Happy Easter

A very happy Easter to everyone.  

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