Justin Beaver and A Fan

This spring marks the first time a beaver made his home around the pond… One early morning Justin Beaver took a last lap around the place before heading back to the lodge. A...

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In The Woods by Tana French — A Recommendation (with Ajax The Gray & Eartha Kitt’n)

It’s raining again and there’s a lot of indoor working/revising/catching up…curl up with a good book like In the Woods by Tana French. Zippy watches over his new charges: Ajax The Gray &...

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Zippy In the Camper

Zippy also loved hanging out in the HOST camper… This was the same trip down the Oregon coast where the past book list photos came from, and Zippy had his own dog bed...

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5 More Books You Must Read Now — A Recommendation

Hello and happy reading . . . here are the last five books that really got me moving, pushed me into overdrive, and inspired my creative flow. Ready to write, Muse? The last...

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5 Books You Must Read — Recommendations

In the hectic world a good book can take me into a less stressful place even if it’s a suspense-filled mystery. This is the Southern Oregon coastline at dusk. Oregon has the most...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

May you find your leprechaun before he drinks too much Guinness . . . Zippy and I are out and about looking for shamrocks and Guinness in all the wrong places. It gets...

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canary tulips

Music and Tulips

Today finally felt like spring and the tulip festival is just around the corner, and ten miles from my home is the largest tulip farm in the USA. There are art shows, a...

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The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman — A Book Recommendation

The humor in Tom Rachman’s novel made me think of this sign I found when I visited a German pet store (with Zippy’s face added). Zippy’s barking translation: I can get to the...

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Wake Me Up — Cover Art

I’m dreaming up mockup art for the cover of my new psychological family drama, the novel Wake Me Up! The manuscript is going through a final copy edit. I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, let...

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The Shut-Ins: Interlude

Here is a short interlude from my new novel, The Shut-Ins. The novel is about the residents of a small mountain town in the Pacific Northwest and how a contagion begins to change and...

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