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New Horror Fiction: The Play (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

Hello Dear A Writer’s Life Readers, I realize I have been away for too much time, of late, and I hope this opening section of my current Work In Progress, The Play (The...

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Hanging Out with Prince Leo, Hannah Solo & Lt. Uhura

I only got this close to Stephen Amell’s Arrow . . . this image from one of the thousands of t-shirts being sold:  The Emerald City Comic Con came and went with such...

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Emerald City Comic Con: Signing Books!

Hello everyone, if you’re in the Seattle area, and you’re lucky enough to have purchased an entry ticket, please know that I will be signing Sandcastle and Other Stories at the event. I...

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Enter: 1st Signed Paperback Giveaway for Sandcastle & Other Stories

There’s a cool site called Goodreads . . . and it may be my favorite site because it centers on books and the people who love reading books. Too many to mention (millions?),...

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The King In Yellow by Robert W. Chambers—A Book Recommendation

I’m reading a little-known book written in 1895, The King in Yellow, a free public domain ebook on kindle, and it’s linked to the True Detective television series in the most interesting ways....

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The Incubus by Connie Vivrett: A Valentine’s Day Poem

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share a poem I place in my favorite poetry jar. I was writing away in the fiction department while Connie was splicing together her lines...

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Psychological 1st Novel—Wake Me Up: My Dream Cast

I love studying the hubris of man, how we rise and fall throughout our lives—me included. I also love to observe people, listen to what they are saying to each other in a...

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Donna Tartt: 3 Books To Savor (So Far)

     I must’ve read Donna Tartt’s first grand-in-theme novel, The Secret History, three times so far in this lifetime (hehe), but resisted The Little Friend—boy was I a dunce. It’s just as terrific,...

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Jade Kerrion Gets Personal: The Conversationalist

In this new year, change is good. Helping spread the word about my thoughtful, and thought-provoking novella, The Conversationalist, Jade gets “the skinny” on my long story in seven chapters, smack in the...

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Best and Worst of 2013: Miley Makes Both Lists

I love pop culture. Learning to read was only the beginning, and it ruined me in a good way . . . raised on television of the seventies, All in the Family, M*A*S*H,...

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