Perry Moore — In Memoriam

Stan Lee, one of my inspiring mentors in the writing and creative world, said this about Perry Moore’s first and only Young Adult novel: “An unforgettable experience — not to be missed!” It’s right there on the front cover of Hero. See it there in that tiny print?

Perry Moore died last Thursday. Many people do not know who he was, but the news shocked me. He was only 39. He wrote one of the best Young Adult novels that adults would also enjoy reading, and he helped bring The Chronicles of Narnia to the screen as executive producer for all three films. In his short career he also wrote and directed the film Lake City, which starred Sissy Spacek.

Hero is his novel about Thom Creed, a teenager just trying to get along in high school who has to deal with a rupturing home life, and his budding superpowers while also coming to terms with his sexual orientation. The novel won a Lambda Literary Award and it is a fun and funny read. This is also a book I would send as a gift to friends. I wished to read many more books by Mr. Moore.
I hope you pick up a copy of Hero. You’ll enjoy the book.


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