Wake Me Up: Quote 1 #crime novel

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.44.28 AMThere are so many thrilling moments taking up my days, and I’m enjoying the line editing on Wake Me Up, tweaking the paragraphs, language, sentences, phrasing, words. All in service to the story. And this story centers on a teenage boy in trouble, both from within and without. I hope you enjoy my first psychological crime novel when it does come out, and please tell your friends about the novel.Deepikaquote1



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2 Responses to “Wake Me Up: Quote 1 #crime novel”

  • Kim Stapf

    Can’t wait!!!

    • Thank you, Kim . . . I’ve had this story bumping around my writing office and in my head, for over a decade now and with this final edit, I can finally release it to the world. I know it’s a difficult read, complex characters, disturbing subject matter, but at least it’s real, set in the real world, and I own every word.

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