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Recipe #1 Chicken Noodle Soup: A Bog Variation

So, I drove back from a week in my old home stomping grounds, Sun Valley, Idaho, through smoke and fire-devastated hills, and all I could think of was rain. A huge wind and...

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Library Lit Crawl 2015: Author Appearance

It’s wonderful to be able to take a trip back to one of my favorite places, and one I used to call home. I moved to Sun Valley, Idaho in 1993 with two...

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SPEAK THE WORD eBook Release Day

I love this kind of moment. Every writer waits and waits for publication day. Speak the Word is the title of my new eBook-only bundle, and it will be an Amazon exclusive, part...

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Sneak Peek: Sun Stroke ~a horror novella~

Hello to all Justin Bog writing life blog followers . . . Today I’m revealing the opening paragraphs of my new horror novella, Sun Stroke. It’s a devious little chiller, and I hope...

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The Bog Zone—Author Interview #2 Eden Baylee

Enter if you dare, this curious dimension, The Bog Zone: Author Interview #2 with Eden Baylee To read the first foray into The Bog Zone, please click HERE and discover the writing of Eleanor...

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Sandcastle Book Tour Begins: 1st Review

This first red-boxed quote is from the short story Speak the Word. Today begins my book tour for Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition. I will be touring, dropping by blogs, being interviewed,...

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The Bog Zone—Author Interview #1 Eleanor Parker Sapia

Enter if you dare: The Bog Zone—Author Interview #1 with Eleanor Parker Sapia Eleanor Parker Sapia agreed to sit in the hot seat for a round of Q&A . . . welcome this...

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Horror Story Part 29: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

It’s been a dark age since the last chapter posted here on A Writer’s Life blog and I’m no longer going to apologize for the delay (just assume I feel your worry—ha)! A...

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Pre-order The Complete Edition of Sandcastle and Other Stories: A Curvy Road!

The Booktrope version of Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition is now available for Pre-Order. What a wild ride on a long and curvy road. I thank everyone for making this day...

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Wow—It’s Zippy’s 9th Birthday!

Here’s the big birthday Zippy with his chewed-up lobster tug . . . he’s worn out and sleeping under the only claw left whole. This day is strange, not because of the rain...

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