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Pre-order The Complete Edition of Sandcastle and Other Stories: A Curvy Road!

The Booktrope version of Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition is now available for Pre-Order. What a wild ride on a long and curvy road. I thank everyone for making this day...

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Wow—It’s Zippy’s 9th Birthday!

Here’s the big birthday Zippy with his chewed-up lobster tug . . . he’s worn out and sleeping under the only claw left whole. This day is strange, not because of the rain...

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Horror Story Part 28: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

It’s a holiday and I’m enjoying the spring sunshine and the cooking activity, caesar salad with house made croutons and a buttermilk caesar dressing, breaded pork cutlets to grill, and scalloped potatoes the...

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Horror Story Part 27: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

Here is the latest chapter of A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy) . . . it’s been too long and a lot has happened in the silence that has developed since chapter...

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Horror Story Part 26: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

Chapter 26 marks a narrative turning point in A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy), and it stars Leonora Rabkin, one of the dueling divas of the local FITE stage . . ....

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Horror Story Part 25: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

Has it been a month since the last chapter? I apologize. The holidays have been a blur. A stress fracture in my right foot has kept me immobile . . . sitting is...

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Haiku To Meet You—Round 3

A third round of Haiku To Meet You comes together, and it’s perfect to share with the world here at the end of 2014. Cheers to the new year, all the planning and...

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Hark Signing: Zippy, Kipling & Eartha Kitt’n Christmas

A wonderful weekend began with a book signing author event at Watermark Book Co. in Anacortes, Washington, my hometown bookstore. I couldn’t have been happier since Hark—A Christmas Collection is my very first...

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Horror Story Part 24: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

Thanksgiving pushed my writing of A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy) to the back burner, but a new flame has been lit. Thanksgiving dinner has fed most of the players, and now...

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Newly Published Holiday Book: Hark—A Christmas Collection by Justin Bog

Well, it’s been a year and a half since my last publication, an eon in any writing life, and I’m thrilled to announce the first book by my brand new publisher, Booktrope. They...

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