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Sandcastle & Hark On Sale GRATIS & $2.99: Runaway Goodness PreFunk Event

Hello fellow book readers and lovers of the printed page, be it on kindle or the best way, the old-fashioned way, in paperback. This post is to share with you the news that...

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Wake Me Up: Quote 1 #crime novel

There are so many thrilling moments taking up my days, and I’m enjoying the line editing on Wake Me Up, tweaking the paragraphs, language, sentences, phrasing, words. All in service to the story....

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Wake Me Up: Novel Cover Reveal

Wake Me Up comes out in the next three months from Gravity Books, enough time to plan each detail of its release. The publishing side of any book is the most difficult to...

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The Bone Fire: A 1st Scene From My #Horror Screenplay

Also titled The Banishing of Antonella Novi, this screenplay, The Bone Fire, was completed and sent to be critiqued long ago. I’ve just taken it out to shake the spiders away from the...

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Recipe #1 Chicken Noodle Soup: A Bog Variation

So, I drove back from a week in my old home stomping grounds, Sun Valley, Idaho, through smoke and fire-devastated hills, and all I could think of was rain. A huge wind and...

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Library Lit Crawl 2015: Author Appearance

It’s wonderful to be able to take a trip back to one of my favorite places, and one I used to call home. I moved to Sun Valley, Idaho in 1993 with two...

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SPEAK THE WORD eBook Release Day

I love this kind of moment. Every writer waits and waits for publication day. Speak the Word is the title of my new eBook-only bundle, and it will be an Amazon exclusive, part...

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Sneak Peek: Sun Stroke ~a horror novella~

Hello to all Justin Bog writing life blog followers . . . Today I’m revealing the opening paragraphs of my new horror novella, Sun Stroke. It’s a devious little chiller, and I hope...

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The Bog Zone—Author Interview #2 Eden Baylee

Enter if you dare, this curious dimension, The Bog Zone: Author Interview #2 with Eden Baylee To read the first foray into The Bog Zone, please click HERE and discover the writing of Eleanor...

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Sandcastle Book Tour Begins: 1st Review

This first red-boxed quote is from the short story Speak the Word. Today begins my book tour for Sandcastle and Other Stories: The Complete Edition. I will be touring, dropping by blogs, being interviewed,...

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