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The Bog Zone—Author Interview #3 Andrea Murray

Enter if you dare, this curious dimension, The Bog Zone: Author Interview #3 with Andrea Murray. To read the first two curiouser and curiouser adventures in The Bog Zone, please click on the...

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Holiday Horror Part 30: A Play Demonic (The Queen’s Idle Fancy)

Another year comes round again, a sluggish beast moving at the same speed for time millennium, a forgotten remembrance graspable when concentrated upon. “Here! I think I’ve got it!” The witless author takes...

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The Volunteer Part 6: A #Horror Story

MEET THE COACH FROM HELL! IN THIS CHAOTIC climate, a horror story is appropriate. The worst deeds of humans, turning monstrous, choosing dreadful paths to take . . . the road darkened yet...

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THE VOLUNTEER Part 5: A #Horror Tale

Meet the coach from Hell . . . This is the latest installment of my ongoing semiweekly horror tale, The Volunteer. I hope you are enjoying the introduction to this mystery-soaked coach, a...

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The Volunteer Part 4: A #Horror Story

Here’s the next part of my ongoing horror story, The Volunteer, the one about a father and husband trying to do his best, as always. He’s a people pleaser, and this comes with...

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The Volunteer Part 3: A #horror Story

“Pick what you love and do it well.” That’s what our narrator of The Volunteer, the hapless husband and father of two budding teens, wants everyone to do by the end of the...

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The Volunteer Part 2—A #Horror Story

Eartha Kitt’n and Ajax The Gray wanted to share space with today’s chapter of The Volunteer . . . they patrol the perimeter. Hello all The Volunteer readers . . . this is...

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The Volunteer—Part 1 Of A New #Horror Story

So, here’s the beginning section of a horror story centered around a new volunteer coach for a girls’ high school tennis team in the Pacific Northwest. There’s something not right about him, but...

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Killer Horror Film Quotes: 20 To Grow On

There are so many lines from horror films that stick with me. After watching The Witch: A New-England Folktale, the best line stands above all others, and it’s already being used out in...

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My Top 5 Books & Why #LifeBooksWriting

Here is a post that is short and sweet. I hope. Lists of books intrigue me. I became a voracious reader in second grade, circa 1972, in the Granville Elementary School system, scolded...

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