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‘A Day In My Life’ #LifeBooksWriting

I worry a lot. That’s my current lot in life. Worry. There are dreams I had when younger, looking into a murky future, one with little skills beyond teaching, writing, remembering pop culture...

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Character Inspiration #LifeBooksWriting

Week four in the LifeBooksWriting author blog challenge unveils the best subject, the one I take the most care with: character inspiration. Of course, even this phrase has more than one definition. I...

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6 Book Marketing Tips #LifeBooksWriting

Here’s the skinny . . . it’s not a secret. I often describe things circuitously with lots of commas dividing thoughts. Even when pressed to be clear. I have to tell stories my...

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My Bookshelf and Latest Reads: #LifeBooksWriting

Here I am, week two of the #LifeBooksWriting challenge, and today’s topic is a bullseye. Straight into the center of my very being, who I am, what I strived for most of my...

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My Writing Room #LifeBooksWriting

This is a brilliant day. May 6th, post Cinco de Mayo recuperation, a Friday I hope to fill with more sunny moments. I’m writing a weekly blog post on different subjects important to...

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Manhattan Book Review Critiques Wake Me Up: 5 Star Review

It’s not often in any writer’s life where professional reviews drop and go deep into the work, beyond the basic plot description, into subtext, themes, often overlooked moments that pull a work together....

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Why Am I Passionate About Sharing This Story?

It’s Sunday, the last day of January, and I’ve missed my every-five-day posting deadline. By one day. Please forgive this since I thought about including the final six questions in the calendar of...

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Most Epic Thing About Wake Me Up: 5 Answers

Here is the fifth blog post of the new year and I’m sticking to my new year’s resolution . . . a bit late in the day on Monday, but better late than...

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Some Sights To See In Wake Me Up: & 4 More Questions

Continuing to delve into Wake Me Up in a variety of specific and observational ways, I hope you’re enjoying these “background” questions and answers about my first literary crime novel. This set of...

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The Big Thrill

A Scene You Deleted But Love Anyway: 5 More Questions

Wake Me Up is now speaking “softly” to early readers out and about the multiverse. Feedback is trickling in, reviews welcome on all platforms (Goodreads and Amazon), and articles and interviews to answer....

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